“I write all the songs that I want to write, so why would I need another band?”
— Zac Little, of Saintseneca

While many of his bandmates moonlight in other projects — All Dogs, Yowler, The Sidekicks, to name a few, these are not unknown bands in the slightest — Zac feels fulfilled in one sphere. One whole cloth.

It’s a philosophy that Zac takes into his songwriting, as well. Anything can be profound, everything is valuable in the right light. A question like “How Many Blankets Are In The World?” might seem inane, but in Little’s hands it finds meaning beyond measure.

Zac Little

Finding nowhere ideal to film in the post-industrial ruins, we called it a day on the Viaduct. The stairwell of Underground Arts played a low-key, yet sufficient host to the quiet crusade of Saintseneca’s emotional bars, channeled through Little’s uke and voice. This is The Key Presents: Saintseneca.

This article originally appeared on WXPN's The Key.