In 2014, Foxing came out of absolutely nowhere to have one of my favorite records of the year — the brutally real The Albatross. After seeing them play live late last year with Philly boys Modern Baseball, I knew they'd long be on my list of bands to not miss.

When this year rolled around, and my favourite band mewithoutYou announced that they'd be having Foxing on their tour as primary support, I knew that was an unbeatable show. But no stop here in Philadelphia!

Checking the tour schedule, I had an epiphany. In July, I would be road-tripping to Wisconsin for the Eaux Claires music festival — and one of the tour dates fell in Kentucky, the day before we were slated to arrive. Detouring a little south, my friend and I stopped for the night in Newport, Kentucky to catch the show at the Southgate House Revival — an old church converted into a venue.

Conor Murphy, Foxing's lead singer and frontman, is an absolute animal when they're performing live. Wild with passion, he tears about the stage, stomping and flailing, mic in hand. Murphy proves tough to photograph, but the raw emotion is almost palpable.