Do you know why we’re here yet?
— Trevor

I got the call about two weeks ago. "Hey man, can you do me a favor?" Trevor is an old friend of mine, and the way I see it, I probably owe him one. Even if I didn't, I would anyway. "Sure," I said. "What do you need?

As it turns out, Trev asked me to secretly photograph him proposing to his wonderful girlfriend — Alex, another old friend. How could I say no to that?

Travelling to Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware, Trevor and I figured out where I needed to be to get a prime shot. I arrived early and staked out the spot, picked a lovely little Pine tree to hide in and waited.

They came along the path (out of bounds and quite literally off the beaten path) we had scouted, and Trev led Alex up onto a dune where they looked out at the Atlantic together. "Do you know why we're here yet?" he quietly asked Alex, holding her hands.

She hadn't, but then she did.